eBay Product Photography

With 168 million active buyers and over 1 billion products available for purchase, eBay is the fourth biggest ecommerce platform on Earth.

If you’re looking to take a share of the 9.5 billion dollars in revenue generated by products sold on eBay, you need to stand out from the competition with exceptional product photography.

Our eBay product photographers know how to capture your product in a timeless, professional state that highlights its features, qualities and benefits to the end buyer. If you live in Brisbane, you’re welcome to catch-up with one of our product photographers to discuss your requirements, or, if you live elsewhere in Australia, simply post your product to us and let our team do the rest.

Your professional product photographs will be edited using industry leading software, cropped and optimised for online performance. They will then be sent back to you via email or Dropbox, ready for upload to your eBay account.

Attracting more clicks and making more sales results in a snowball effect on your listing. More clicks and more purchases indicate to eBay that your product is of high-quality, which makes eBay place more value on it and improve its rankings over time.